UAQ free zone company formation

By | May 15, 2020
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UAQ free zone company formation

UAQ free zone company formation

UAQ free zone company formation is ideal, most mainly for SMEs, and startups; as it gives an appealing environment for profitable investments. UAQ free zone, in particular business setup in the Free Trade Zone; can leverage on cost effective leasing as well as operation options, growth opportunities; also it will give you 100% overseas ownership; and also note that it will give you a full option for capital and income repatriation; no investment regulations for all sectors as well as industries, and 0% corporate and personal tax.

Our team of commercial enterprise professionals has successfully completed hundreds of registrations and incorporation across a number of business sectors. Our authorized specialists specialize in mainland, loose quarter, and offshore UAQ free zone incorporation. Through the giant industry enjoy of our in house experts; our business setup solutions enable you and investors in getting a head start on commercial enterprise operations; and building a strong world wide presence.

Reasons to Business setup in UAQ: How to start a business in UAQ? UAQ mainland is the high-quality choice if you’re making plans to change inside the Emirate itself. Although you can conduct business with the assist of UAE nationals to act as your agent to authorities; there are several blessings of running within UAE mainland, and they are as follows:

Characteristic of UAQ free zone company formation

Easy incorporation process

Entrepreneurs who make UAQ free zone their home are not required to put forward any share capital or provide details of shareholder experience or attestation for owners and shareholders. Plus there is a good news for those; who comes out in a cold sweat; whenever someone utters the word audit: No annual audit is required. Of course, you will still need to keep up to date accounts; but the headache of an audit; which many find laborious and even mildly panic inducing is removed entirely. In fact, the entire set up process is light on arduous paperwork; as there is no need to present a formal business plan either.

Variety of license options

The level of choice among its licensing options is yet another factor that makes the UAQ Free Zone such an attractive proposition to entrepreneurs looking to set up in the UAE.

UAQ free zone allows entrepreneurs to set up with many license types: Commercial, industrial consultancy, service and freelance / micro business. The commercial license allows you to import, export as well as store goods; that is for sale and trade in other free zones or outside the UAE. If your wish to trade locally within the UAE; then you must outsource this work to a third party distributor?

Strategic location for UAQ free zone company formation

There’s no doubt that the location of the Umm Al Quwain Free Zone is one of its biggest selling points. Not only does the region benefit from low costs of both living and as well as labor; but it is also perfectly placed to do business with the billions of potential customers across the Middle East; and also in North Africa (MENA) region, sub continent, Far East and European markets.

It also benefits hugely from being located just off both the E11 and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road; allowing for easy access to the city of Dubai as well as Dubai  Air port and Sharjah Air port; both of which are less than one hour’s drive away. The Umm Al Quwain Free Zone is also within easy reach of the UAE’s main sea ports.

Fast and easy setup of UAQ free zone company formation

One of the major benefits of the Umm Al Quwain Free Zone is the speed; and ease at which entrepreneurs can go from the dream to the destination. Not only can entrepreneurs set up shop here remotely without visiting the UAE in some cases, but company formation in the Umm Al Quwain Free Zone company formation can take place in as little as two to three days. There are very few other places in the world; where you can move from the thought to the realization of a business in less than a week. 

UAQ free zone company formation license option

For UAQ mainland enterprise setup, our group of commercial enterprise professionals; let you secure alternate licenses and let’s in wished in organizing your company, which include the following:

  1. Trading License

Under the commercial license, all types of trading activities can be accredited by Umm Al Quwain Free Zone. A Single business activity e.g. Trade in garments or multiple activities.

  1. General Trading License

This is popular among international traders; because you can almost trade all type of products. But only Tobacco, Alcohol, Pharmaceuticals and Crude oil are not allow. This license costs will be little expensive as compare to the trading license.

  1. Consultancy License

This license is issue to those who plan to carry on consultancy businessManagement Consultancy, IT services, Accounting Services, HR Consultancy Services.

  1. Micro Business License

The license is applicable to those UAQ free zone company formation; who would like, to begin with minimum budget and do not need a physical office or a visa. They can start a Trading or a consultancy business using this cheapest option.

  1. Freelancer Permit

This is meant for individuals who carry out Professional license activities in their specialty or expertise as a business. Photographers, even planners, musicians, performers and may other categories are covered. For this you need an educational certificates as proof of expertise.

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UAQ free zone company formation

Apart from license processing, our UAQ free zone company formation provider includes a wide range of answers that facilitate the setup of your commercial enterprise. This consists of emblem and trademark registration; serviced offices; visa renewals and processing; securing of presidency approvals, amendments, and renewals; accounting and bookkeeping; and tax services.  With almost too many years of experience, the team have adept inside the procedure of putting in businesses; and multi national firm in UAQ free zone and other emirates. We purpose to offer you with now not simply end-to-end business setup answers, however also valuable market insights. We also take pleasure in offering you and buyers fast, convenient, and powerful answers; so the method of company formation in UAQ free zone is as smooth and hassle free as possible.

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